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Amedeo Bianco – Romagna D.O.C.G. Albana Dry



Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin

GRAPES: Albana 100%
VINEYARD: “albana vecchia” vineyard
Planted by Grandpa Amedeo way back in 1969 when the so-called “cuttings” from nurseries didn\’t exist yet, so “wild” vines were planted, and the varieties and clones that existed in our area for centuries were grafted the following year
EXPOSURE: South/Southwest
TRAINING TYPE: double-arched cane
AGEING: fermentation carried out in Allier French oak Tonneaux, where it then rests for 6 months on its own yeast before being bottled
ALCOHOL: 15% vol.
COLOUR: intense and bright golden yellow
BOUQUET: intense, full-bodied and complex olfactory expressions. A pleasantly aromatic and citrus sensation of orange blossom, jasmine, honey and apricot jam emerges from under a pronounced mineral note.
FLAVOUR: it immediately strikes the palate with its elegance and fullness, which is extended for a great finish that is decisively savoury and refined.