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 Via Madonna dell’Olivo, 2300 – 47521 Cesena (FC)  Tel. 0547 301190 E-mail: zavallonivini@gmail.com

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The Company

Zavalloni Wine-Growing Estate

Wines of Romagna


The Zavalloni family has been cultivating the 11 hectares of its wine-growing estate on the hills of Madonna dell'Olivo near Cesena since the middle of the 19th century. Today's members of the Zavalloni family represent the sixth generation of winemakers.

azienda agricola zavalloni cesena

A deeply rooted love for wine and for the land their wine grows on have long been the hallmarks of the entire Zavalloni family.


The passion, attention and love Fabio and his son Stefano dedicate to their vineyards have culminated in the production of quality wines that embody the very soul of the „land of Romagna“.

azienda agricola zavalloni cesena

Today, the winery relies both on ancient traditions of winemaking and on the use of modern wine making technologies.

azienda agricola zavalloni cesena
azienda agricola zavalloni cesena
azienda agricola zavalloni cesena