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White Wine

GRAPES: Albana 70%, Pignoletto 20%, Trebbiano della fiamma 10%
VINEYARD: “delle noci”, “del campetto” and Trebbiano vineyards
YEARS PLANTED: 1975, 2008, 1988
EXPOSURE: South/Southwest
TRAINING TYPE: double-arched cane
AGEING: 6 months in steel on its own yeast before being bottled
ALCOHOL: 13% vol.
COLOUR: straw-yellow with greenish reflections
BOUQUET: pleasantly fresh and aromatic, with mineral notes. Fruity and floral, with hints of peach, apple, apricot and rose.
FLAVOUR: dry, soft, aromatic and pleasantly fresh with a harmonious body. The objectives we set out to achieve when we started to create this wine were softness, elegance and a balanced taste. We wanted the strength, aromatic properties and fleshy, succulent fruit from the Albana grape. We sought to increase the mineral quality and complexity of the aromas of the Pignoletto. The Trebbiano served to add a fresh, pleasant touch.